Keto MCT Oil for Fat Loss and Better Digestion (Q&A)

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�How are Perfect Supplements products vetted and sourced for safety and sustainability?
�What does MCT stand for and what is it?
�What is the C8, C10, or C12 in MCT oil and why does it matter?
�What are some MCT oil health benefits?  (How can it help with mood, weight loss, energy, anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing, reduce brain flog, healthy digestion, heart function, blood sugar regulation, GUT health?)
�If it’s antimicrobial, how does it not harm the healthy bacteria?
�How does it taste?
�What’s its smoke point? Can we cook with it?
�What recipes is it best to use in?
�How it can help you stay in ketosis and stick with a lower carb diet?
�What about eating coconut oil as a whole food vs. MCT oil?
�Can you get TOO much MCT oil? How would you know?
�What should we look for on the MCT label at the store?

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