making a matcha latte at home 🍵

matcha latte at home 🍵 ~

Making myself a cup of matcha is one of the things I look forward to most in the morning. It’s almost peaceful, in a way – and I feel so energized after.

The most important ingredient is, of course, the matcha. You want to use the highest quality for drinking, which is ceremonial grade. It is pricy, but you’re going to save so much money compared to spending $8 each time at a cafe.

* the matcha I’m using is from @tenzotea — you can use my code for a discount! JASMINE15

For today’s matcha I used soy milk with a splash of homemade maple syrup (the best kind). On most days though, I’ll drink it the traditional way with just water and matcha. Experiment and see which flavor combinations you like best!

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