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The truth behind slimming teas is that they actually can help you lose a little weight, but you need to be careful. Most slimming teas incorporate an ingredient called senna which is an herbal ingredient, but senna is actually a laxative so by using slimming teas you are actually using a laxative. Now that can help you if you are having constipation issues and it can help you lose a little weight by elimination, but you don’t want to rely on laxatives, even herbal ones, as a long-term weight loss strategy. That will degrade and weaken your digestive system pretty quickly, and once you start to weaken your digestive system the rest of your health can fall apart and you don’t want to weaken your digestive system. Over time you are going to cause more problems than benefits. So maybe use slimming tea every once in a while or if you are having troubles with constipation you can use that or another anti-constipation tea that is very gentle but you don’t want to rely on these long term.

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